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Tidal Traits is a bespoke team performance analysis service designed to support the collection and application of performance data within professional football. In particular, it characterises a team’s performance by filing it’s attacking and defending data.

Tidal Therapy is an individual one-on-one coaching service aimed at professional footballers of all levels and ages.

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Team - Tidal Traits

Tidal Traits provides a descriptive account of a team’s style - identifying it’s inherent coaching patterns and assimilating the contribution made by the players within a given performance or series of matches.

It is then possible to assist with the analysis process. Helping the client filter their own performance data into coaching measurables. After which, sharpened focus can be applied to improve;

player performance
talent identification

In addition, it can also be used as a tactical narration during a live match by using a deeper level of data to interpret the momentum of a game - the ebb and flow of meaningful attacking plays - to assist;

strategic and tactical decision making during a match.

Individual - Tidal Therapy

Tidal Therapy focuses purely on the individual. It provides an in-depth assessment of the player’s strengths and weaknesses to encourage the player to understand his/her own game with the view of optimising performance.

Conducted initially as a two-part meeting, the service doesn’t necessarily require any pitch time. Instead the process may only involve a verbal needs analysis assessment followed by a programme to create performance ‘building blocks’.

Assisting the player to ‘psychologically reposition’ in order to produce;

effective and selectable performances.

The service helps the player take ownership of his/her own performance and equips them with a clear plan to create a platform for future success. Price on application.